Services for commercial companies

Company 2AMOVERS provides full range of services for commercial companies. We offer the maintenance of any type facilities, from small stores located in residential areas up to the large retail networks.
2AMOVERS offers for You the following services:

1. Project development and interior design development.
2. Design estimate documentation preparation for trade companies maintenance services.
3. Renovation and interior finishing considering design, the specifics of the organization and the customer preferences.
4. Furniture and equipment delivery, etc.
5. Assembly and installation of necessary equipment with efficient use of space.
6. Products customs clearance services.

Company 2AMOVERS provides customs clearance services:

• Providing all the documentation in accordance with applicable law.
• Preparation of all the documentation, required for escort and shipment of goods.
• Assistance in obtaining certificates of conformity, etc.
• Legal support and adjustment of disputes.