Selection and delivery of furniture

Functional, high-quality furniture can influence the performance and comfort of employees, highlight the status of the executive and success of the entire company. Selection and delivery of furniture is one of 2AMOVERS activities.

Wide range of 2AMOVERS services includes furniture design projects, based on the client concept, and the selection of necessary office furniture of different price range from cheap tables and chairs to premium class furniture.

We deal with only reliable furniture manufacturers, which use eco-friendly and modern materials producing their furniture. Choosing furniture of one series, it is possible to ensure the same style throughout the office area from the entrance to management room.

2AMOVERS professionals have experience in fitout of a hostess zone, office areas, management room, etc.

Our services:

1. Thorough furniture selection.
2. Careful furniture transportation to the office.
3. Professional assembly.

Furniture delivery is based on the customer company specifics, office design project details and client preferences.