Secure Storage

Something what you may often lack at home or in the office is… a warehouse. Yes, exactly that, a simple warehouse. That is why we are glad to help and offer you our comfortable and spacious warehouse.

You shouldn’t hesitate to entrust us with the storage of your furniture, documents, clothes, winter/summer sports equipment and any other property.

If, for example, you want to start the repair, or in your house lacks the space to store your favorite clothes or you don’t have store room you can deposit your summer or winter, depending on the season, clothes and accessories, in our warehouse. We will pick out special packaging for any item to ensure their safe storage. When you will need your effects, our employees will deliver the necessary items to you and pick up the things you are not using and deposit them in the warehouse.

Secure storage, in addition to the warehousing services includes the services of packing and transportation of your furniture and personal belongings.

The most important benefits of our service are:

— Warehouse located near the center of Kiev, on the 11/2, Simyi Khokhlovukh str. Kyiv;

— Smart prices for the service;

— Twenty-four-hour of the guarding;

— Access to your effects.