Office on turnkey basis

Office space is a calling card of any company, which reflects its goals and internal policy. Office is also a complicated system, not only a working capacity of the staff team, but an entire structure depends on the organization of it. Today while office outfitting it should be paid closer attention to space planning and allocation considering approved standards and requirements without excluding individuality and creativity.

2AMOVERS provides “Office on turn-key basis” service, which includes execution of the following tasks:

1. Organization of office space selection.
2. Space and interior design development of future office.
3. Preparation of Cost estimate documentation.
4. Performing of construction and finishing works.
5. Installation and laying of all necessary engineering, communication and innovation systems required for proper office activity.
6. Tender for furniture supply, according to office project and its interior design.
7. Provision of technical equipment of workplaces considering specifics of employee job and the organization of general communication system within the office.

Working with 2AMOVERS, you get a full support in the process of setting up a new office to the time of completion, as well as the possibility of service in the future.