Office equipment storage services

Efficient use of office space influences the entire organization of the company work. That’s why we should get rid of all unnecessary furniture and equipment that isn’t being used. Besides, property storage in unsuitable conditions can lead to their damage resulting in large expenses for purchase of new equipment.

We offer office equipment storage services.

2AMOVERS warehouse facility has got all necessary conditions, such as optimum humidity and good ventilation, which enables the storage of furniture, office equipment, documents, etc.

Availability of warehouse facilities gives certain advantages:

1. Possibility of transportation (disassembly and packing) of your office equipment.
2. Convenience of loading and unloading during the transportation of furniture, equipment, documentation, etc.
3. Providing with necessary storage conditions.

Turning to the company 2AMOVERS, you get a quality service at reasonable prices, with a guarantee of safety of all your office equipment.