Event organisation

Company 2AMOVERS provides services for the organization of exhibitions and other demonstrations. Mostly Client chooses full package of services, which includes:

1. Exhibition concept development.
2. Selection and booking of a suitable room area.
3. Space assignments.
4. Making up an exhibition.
5. Delivery and installation of exhibition samples.
6. Organization of technical support of the event.

Each step is performed according to the event concept, as well as the policy of the organization and the Client preferences. Such event held at decent level, allows to raise the goodwill and keep the status of a company, to provide comprehensive information about product, service or art object, to get feedback from the audience.

Holding of the exhibition may include the only exhibition or additional master classes, presentations or other events.

The trade fair or exhibition of works of art is an ability to create a positive goodwill, and thereby brand or creator promotion.